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We take your privacy very seriously here at VapePenReview. The easiest way to explain the way we utilize your personal data is: when we’re given express permission on your side, we’ll utilize your information to enhance your user experience, and otherwise (unless of course needed legally) we won’t give it to any organizations or utilize it to transmit marketing emails without getting a go-ahead of your stuff. Detailed information are contained in this particular page, but when you’re pressed for time, you are able to be assured that the sensitive information is going to be stored safe and just used should you inform us it’s OK to do this.

Rapid Version

• We never collect private information much like your email address and name unless of course you’ve personally permitted us to.

• We don’t sell, share, rent or else distribute sensitive information unless of course you’ve provided us with permission (or unless of course US law requires us to).

• You won’t receive marketing emails unless of course you’ve positively opted to get them.

• We secure your data using electronic, physical and managing safeguards.

Exactly What Do We Collect?

We simply collect sensitive information if you’ve told us it’s OK to do this. What this means is such things as your email address and name that you can use to recognize you. This post is only taken if you decide to give to us it to enhance your consumer experience otherwise it’s never collected whatsoever.


Like just about any site online, we all do use cookies. They are essentially small documents stored on your pc that have non-sensitive information that is helpful whenever we try to enhance the site. Cookies inform us such things as which pages on the website are most widely used and which elements most likely need some work. These don’t contain any details about you (no names, emails, e.t.c.) and just let us constantly enhance your consumer experience.

We use cookies with analytics tools for example Google Analytics, to assist us identify areas for improvement and things that will work well. In most cases, your browser is going to be established to receive cookies instantly, however, you can de-activate it by trying out the choices, if you like. This makes it harder for all of us to tailor the website to user preferences, but we fully respect your to withhold any information you decide to.

IP Addresses

Your IP is another bit of non-sensitive information which we use to assist us obtain actionable data using programs like Google Analytics. Again, this doesn’t provide us with specifics of your individual details, it simply allows us to improve our website and personalize your consumer experience where relevant.

The Way We Make use of the Data

If you’ve opted to let us collect some sensitive details about you, we won’t give it to anybody or utilize it to transmit you marketing emails without your permission. There are several conditions by which we’re needed to supply information to particular parties (governmental agencies and officials) legally (for instance, when we have obtained a subpoena which mandates us to), but typically we simply make use of your data based on your instructions.


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